Website Easter Eggs and Secrets

Speaking of secrets…

I thought you might like to be in on some of the secret details on my landing page.



I love pie. There are three slices, one for each member of my family.

Why the swords? Try taking my piece and I’ll show you.

HSB Newt

She turned me into a newt. I got better.

For years, my daughter was nicknamed Newt. One week after this artwork was completed, she said she would prefer to go by her name, Hannah.

Good thing the newt also has an H on it.

Treasure Chest


Speaking of Hs, take a look at the one on the crown.

That stands for, ahem, Heidi. My good friend Annie Cechini, who did the website’s artwork, felt I deserved a crown. Who am I to argue?

She also added a sad blue crab. He is lamenting the fact that I moved away from Maryland, where I lived close to Annie. (Me too.)

Pirate Skull

Never say die!

The skull was designed to be similar to one found on this sticker–the same sticker that is, not coincidentally, found on my car. I love The Goonies.

Annie named him Gregor.

Land or Sea Monster

Land or Sea Monster

This little monster looks a lot like a giraffe, doesn’t he? Heh.

Children’s author, and my dear friend, Emma Trevayne named him Abraxas.

Saucy Little Chicken

Saucy Little Chicken

This is an illustration of my family’s favorite pet chicken, Phyllis Diller.

Time to Write

Time to Write

Take a close look at the hands of this poor rusted and sea-weathered clock. The pen and the sword (okay, a dagger) are chasing each other around and around, trying to prove which is mightier.

Which will win?


I think those are all the secrets I want to share today. Check this page often. You never know what else you may find.

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